Wild Parties

Looking for something different for a birthday party? Why not have a Wild Party with us?

Our fun filled; nature-based birthday parties are perfect for intrepid adventurers.  With stories, crafts and nature spotting for our younger explorers, and challenges for older children at our Secret Agent Academy, getting them outdoors and into nature is a great way to celebrate.  Our parties are for 3-12 year olds.

The sorts of activities we can offer as party of our parties:

  • Trails with secret codes
  • Den/shelter building
  • Whittling (over 8s)
  • Woodland games
  • Bug hunting/Nature spotting
  • Campfire cooking (with site permission)


Nature Inspired Arts and Crafts 

Get creative with nature with our arts and crafts parties.  These can be for all ages and you can select from a range of crafts such:

  • Hapa zome (using the natural pigments of flowers and leaves to print onto fabric)
  • Nature weaves
  • Flower/forest crowns
  • Dream catchers
  • Woodland jewellery


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if it rains?

At the Secret Adventurers’ Club, we take a Scandinavian approach to weather and believe there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing.  Children are rarely bothered by the weather, if they’re appropriately dressed,  and rain can make the outdoors even more fun to play and explore in as everything looks, feels, sounds and smells so different to when it’s dry, enhancing their outdoor experiences.  Just make sure to remind your guests to wear clothes they don’t mind getting dirty in, and to have waterproofs on hand in case they need them.

We have tarpaulins we can tie up in the trees if we need respite from the rain.  We check the weather regularly and will discuss this with you in the days leading up to the party so that you know what we have planned.  The only time we wouldn’t be able to go ahead with a party is if it’s unsafe to do so, such as during thunderstorms or high winds.  In the unlikely event that cancel, we will rebook it for a date that is mutually convenient for everyone.

Party Size

We can manage parties of all sizes but find they work best with groups of between 8 and 15 children.  Larger parties can be catered for as we have extra staff who can be on hand to help support us with our activities, but we find that sometimes big parties can be overwhelming for the children and smaller parties mean that everyone gets the most out of their time with us.


Our parties can take place in all sorts of outdoor spaces where there’s a “wild” element.  Ideally we’re looking for somewhere with a woodland as they’re better for bug hunting and exploring.  This could be in a local park or a large garden (some venues have amazing outdoor spaces attached), local woodlands, or nature reserves.  Please make sure that any space that you plan to use doesn’t have any special restrictions in place that would mean we couldn’t use it, and that you’ve obtained permission for us to be there before the party.

What do I need to bring?

We will bring all the materials and equipment needed for our activities, including a cover for the ground to use for our arts and crafts activities, and a tarpaulin if shelter is needed, and fabric bunting to put up in the trees, to give it a celebratory feel.

You just need to bring the children, and food and picnic blankets if you’re planning to feed them.

Please note that we are trying very hard to reduce waste at our parties, specially from disposable plastic, and hope that parents/hosts can help us too.  We offer a plastic cup, and plate hire service for an additional for only £5. so that you don’t need to bring any disposable plastic with you.  We’ll bring the cups and plates with us and take them home to wash to wash.  Please let us know if you’d like to use this service.

Party bag

We don’t currently offer party bags, but have started a Pinterest board to help with ideas of nice, quirky, party bags that match our outdoor play and nature explorers ethos.  They’re reduced plastic, eco friendly alternatives to traditional, plastic laden party bags.  Click here to see our board

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

At the Secret Adventurers’ Club we’re very passionate about creating a better balance with our natural world and are constantly looking for ways to reduce the amount of waste that we create.  We like our arts and crafts materials to be as natural as possible, and only include things that are kind to our environment.

It’s very important to us that we reduce the amount of waste we produce and encourage our families to do the same.  To help you do this we now offer a plastic cup and plate hire service for only £5.  Please let us know if you’d like to use this service.

If you’d like to book a party with us, get in touch.

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For instance, are you looking for a calm, creative, outdoor party, with lots of nature crafts, or a more active party.