Secret Adventurers

Secret Adventurers

Weekends, Half Term and School Holiday Adventures for 5-11 year olds

Our older children’s adventures are designed to encourage their naturally explorative and inquisitive minds through funDen building outdoor activities which capture their imagination and curiosity.

These are some of the activities they get up to but we’re always adding more so keep checking back:

Bow and Arrows

Children are taught how to build a simple bow and hand craft an arrow from woodland materials.  We’ll teach them how to shoot their arrows safely before moving them onto our woodland target areas.  Will they be able to shoot a pinecone off a log or hit the bull’s-eye?

Den Building

After being given a basic demonstration on how to build a shelter, the children are divided into teams and set the challenge of working together to build a den using only the materials they find in the woods and a covering that we give them.  Once their dens are build we play woodland games, such as Capture the Flag, using their team camps.

11222676_826084947487058_7874037399232370326_o (1)Miniature Raft Building

Using only the materials you find in the woods and a small piece of string, children are set the challenge of building a small raft.  These can be build out of sticks, leaves, bark or any other natural material available.  We then race them on the pond to see if any can get to the other side, and special commendations given to any boats that don’t sink.1897926_612274198868135_1504810291900656057_n

Secret Woodland Agent Academy

Children are given a mystery to solve and a trail of clues to help them.  Through code braking and using their tracking skills they must past the first challenge, before moving onto the assault course to test their physical skills.  Finally we test their observation and team skills through a series of game before they can graduate to Secret Woodland Agent status, for which they get a certificate.

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11084054_820091344753085_5824140180567423809_oArts and Crafts11154977_806041952824691_3371438430910501406_o

At the Secret Adventurers’ Club we love arts and crafts, especially when we’re using nature.  So if you don’t fancy one of our very active outdoor adventures why not join us for one of our quieter, calmer, creative session.  Where possible (depending on site) we like to walk around outdoors collecting materials to use for our creations and use nature for our inspiration.  So whether we’re making bird feeders to help our feathery friends, using nature to print on clay tiles, or creating miniature gardens, nature and our incredible outdoor world are at the core of our imaginations.

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2014-03-23 15.46.58 Leaf Printing