Holiday Club

We don’t have any further holiday clubs planned for 2021.  We’ll be back again in 2022 with lots of adventurers.


Our holiday club takes place in the beautiful Dacres Wood Nature Reserve, where we’ll spend all day outdoors, enjoying the wild.  We can’t guarantee that your children will return home clean and tidy, but they’ll certainly be exhausted after a fun day exploring and adventuring outdoors.

Here are some of the activities that they can take part in over the week:

  • den/shelter building
  • team games
  • wood work
  • tool use
  • nature crafts
  • fire lighting
  • campfire cooking
  • and lots of wild play

Our group is small, with a maximum of 15 children.  Sessions are run with a minimum of 2 adults (though we usually have 3) on site each day, and 2 teenage ‘assistants’ to help supervise the children.  The adults all hold enhanced DBS checks and have extensive experience of working with children.


Is this the right club for my child?

Does your child like rolling around in the mud, crawling on their hands and knees looking for frogs, and running around in the rain?  Then yes, it’s definitely the right club for them.  If your child doesn’t like getting dirty, and is happier in an indoor environment then it might not be the right place for them.

They don’t have to be extroverts, or need to spend the whole time playing with others, this year we’re introducing a quiet area, where children can spend time reading, drawing, writing or just sit and gently process everything around them.

Do we need to book for the whole week or can my child attend for just one day?

You will need to book your child in for a whole week, and can book them in for both weeks if you like.  We are still trying to reduce the risk of infection and keep everyone safe so are creating bubbles, with the same children attending for the whole week.

We have also found that the bonding the children experience when they’ve been together for a number of days has really helped them to build their confidence.  Each day we have different activities for the children to take part in, helping them to build on skills that they’ve learnt throughout the week.

What to bring?

We will be spending all day outdoors and so children should come dressed for an adventure, in clothes they don’t mind getting dirty.  Long sleeves and trousers area ideal (if it’s not too hot) as there are brambles and nettles onsite.

In addition they will need to bring:

  • Lunch and a snack for the morning and one for the afternoon
  • Water bottle – there’s a tap on site for refilling
  • Spare clothes (in case they get very dirty). Please make sure they have an extra jumper just in case it gets cooler than we’re expecting.  It’s summer, but the UK weather is always unpredictable.
  • Waterproofs if it looks like it’s going to rain. This includes trousers, coat and wellington boots

Is there a shelter onsite?

We will have a basic canvas shelter up in the woods, and a building we can use if weather conditions make it unsafe to be outdoors (such as in a thunderstorm or in high winds).

Is there a toilet onsite?

Yes.  There is a toilet in the building by the main gate.  We take the children for regular toilet breaks as a group.

Is the site open to the general public?

No.  Dacres Wood Nature Reserve is a locked site.  We will have the site to ourselves, except for 2 hours during the week when a local nursery will come and do their forest school session, but we will be using a different part of the site during that time, and there won’t be any crossover.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions